Marty L. Ward - Success Coach | Success Coach
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Success Coach

COACHINGMarty has used her transformation strategies since 2007 to kick-start the lives and businesses of hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals and care providers around the globe. They:

  • Get Clear on what is holding them back.
  • Get Confident on how to be influential in your marketplace while feeling great about yourself and your relationships.
  • Get Going on turning overwhelm and confusion into clarity and focused attention.

She has helped her clients increase revenues from 20 – 500% in just months. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or life has thrown you a curve ball and you want to get back up stronger than ever, Marty knows just how to break through where you are stuck and to transform failure and self-doubt into triumph and feeling on top of the world. Clients choose to work with Marty because she gets to the heart of the matter. She provides down to earth, straightforward, no BS solutions, that has them quickly feeling great about themselves, what they have to offer the world and creating a bodacious bank account.

Clients choose to work with Marty because she gets to the heart of the matter with

3, 6, and 12 month private coaching. 

  • You discern your value, define what you want and learn how to get it.
  • Your hidden stumbling blocks are removed.
  • Your limiting beliefs are replaced with confidence.
  • You feel empowered to do something about your challenges.
  • New possibilities are awakened.
  • You know how Talented, Able and Gifted you are.
  • You increase your client base, seal deals and get financially secure
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Marty most enjoys working with entrepreneurs and professionals on a private basis or in one of her small groups. You will receive:

Guidance to remember who you are in the fullest version of yourself.

Outside the box solutions that bring immediate results.

Compassionate analysis that take takes the sting out of things that are difficult to face.

Proven strategies to stop procrastinating and move forward confidently and consistently.

Hand holding to take you step by step to have your dream come true this time!

Increased income and tools to make the difference you want.  

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“In just in a few short sessions with Marty, I discovered I had basically been dancing to the beat of everyone else’s drum. I went from feeling like a doormat to feeling in control of my life, my businesses, feeling energized and valued and was able to re-establish boundaries with my family that have allowed me to grow myself and my business 20%.”
Tracy Strodered, CEO Everything Brevard 

“I started working with Marty when I was told she could “turn procrastination into jet fuel” and she delivered beyond my wildest imagination. Thanks, Marty, you are incredible!”
Bill Keeton, MD, Author, Inventor